20 Young Outstanding Filipino Designers Under 40 – BluPrint Magazine

March 29, 2015

In 2013, we were privileged to be part of BluPrint Magazine’s list of 20 Young Outstanding Filipino Designers under 40. The article was beautifully written by Joseph Javier and clearly expressed our crusade to contemporize Filipino Architecture. Entitled THE NEW FILIPINO, we had a discussion about our beliefs and design practice, striving towards a NEW FILIPINISM in our architecture.

Thank you again, BluPrint!



  • The designs are amazing. These kinds of architects is what Philippines should keep. For sure they will be an asset to the country and they will be an inspiration to the student who are taking architecture. I am hoping that they will still serve the country for the better so that there’s no need to hire another architect from other country. I do really admire them so much.


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