D House : Client Testimonials

May 24, 2018

We imagined a “Home of Beautiful Ironies” — allowing contrasting dichotomies of the users’ micro-culture and the unique sense of place of the site to shape and dictate the process which inevitably manifested in a tangible form.

A house that is moulded by the complexities of specific context, confidently not dependent on market-driven ideas, and one that is able to stand on its’ own two feet.
A house that is progressive and one that hopes to widen people’s perception of what a house should be and could be.
A house that reflects the owner’s personalities and passions, abstracted and imprinted in the house’s aesthetic and spatial organization.
A house that is forward looking, which is designed not just for the past (heritage) and present, but with the future in mind too.

Sharing with you one of our recently completed B+A Homes, D House.



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