#BAhindTheScenes with Nostalji Enclave

May 28, 2018

#BAhindTheScenes is a series of posts about our practice, that focuses less about the architecture per se, but about the clients that instigate it, people who use and experience it, the ones behind its realization, and the community that co-exists with it. With this, we hope to share with you stories behind the architecture that we have been privileged to be part of.

This video is a series of testimonials about the amenities we designed for Nostalji Enclave, a residential community in Paliparan, Cavite. For amenities in residential neighborhoods, we make sure that it should be always about connecting — whether it’s with your family, friends, or neighbors — the larger goal is to foster a sense of community.

We thought of a place of convergence, open and inviting on all sides, as if luring in and magnetizing the residents to come to this centrally located clubhouse to share moments with each other, to connect on a personal level. As much as architecture is about physicality, space, and feelings, we believe that it must put people first. Architecture must be a means to uplift ways of living and improve society thru encouraging connections with various scales of community. It must be created sustainably so as not to degrade nature, but in fact should enhance it even more for future generations to enjoy. The greater good must be it’s greatest cause.



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