Port[r]al House

LOCATIONMckinley West, Taguig City, Metro Manila
SIZE750 sq.m.

The idea takes off from the owners’ extensive art collection. In the same way that art can sometimes temporarily transport one to another realm, the house is envisioned to be a portal to a safe oasis – a haven from the outside world and all else that come with it (stress, pressure, judgement, danger, constraint). A private space where moments and memories can be ‘framed’ and be remembered.

It is designed without the external pressures of style nor trend, but is a portrait of the collective personality of the family within.

The architecture simply aims to be a backdrop for their art collection and its multitude of meanings – a home that encourages creativity, imagination, intelligence, and purpose.


Project Team:

Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Lead Project Architect – Yani Dela Pasion; Project Architects – MJ Arocena, Mike Germino; Technical Innovations Architects – Larry Espino, Jaydee Masajo