Philippine Pavillon – China International Import Expo

LOCATIONShanghai, China
SIZE150 sq.m.

The Philippine Pavilion embraces the longstanding and symbiotic friendship between The Philippines and China, a relationship that continues to flourish up to this day.

The structure  is composed of two tunnels, one representing the Philippines, and one representing China. The two separate entry points, eventually meet in the middle of the structure, symbolizing cooperation and unity. The central space is where the two countries can discuss ways on how to continue their long symbiotic relationship.

The shape of the structure was inspired by a shell which houses pearls. The relevance of the pearl is that this is first item that the Philippines traded to China in exchange for silk.

Weaving is common practice for both nations, thus the whole pavilion was inspired by this process. This idea of weaving: of separate elements binding, intertwining, coming together to form a coherent whole is such an apt visual cue to the inter-country cooperation that the expo hopes to achieve.


Project Team:

Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Lead Project Architect – Cholo Ramirez; Project Architect – Noah Sablon; Collaborators – GrayCo, Bootleg Innovation Design, Team Manila