One Luna Global Connections

LOCATIONEastwood City Walk, Quezon City
SIZE800 sq.m.

The Philippines is one of the reasons why the outsourcing industry in the world is thriving, thanks to our industrious and dedicated people. We have become a hub for this sector globally, and multinational companies have been coming to our country to set up shop. Sadly, what our global visitors know about the Philippines are our poorly designed and masterplanned cities and the horrendous traffic that comes with it, not realizing that the beauty of the Philippines can be seen beyond the buildings that surround them.

A plug and play contact center by demand, we took the opportunity to show the strengths of the Philippines through the spaces within. Our strongest point being eco-tourism, various aspects of this sub-sector were abstracted architecturally and integrated into space – bamboo, our seas, weaving, among others –  subtly hinting that users of these offices need to go beyond the boundaries of their daily office existence to experience the soul of our land.

Project Team: Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Lead Project Architect – Jerome Bautista; Technical Innovations Architect – Ed Canda