Nostalji Enclave

LOCATIONPaliparan, Cavite
SIZE600 sq.m.

Mainly a clubhouse project for a residential development. we focused on the concept of convergence.We conceived a structure that was inclusive rather than exclusive. The structure was very open in nature, and needed to have a strong pull to the person experiencing it, as if magnetizing him or her to come in and interact with the community.

We wrapped  five kite-shaped forms around the hall, covering the space and forming a composition that seems be frozen in movement. The kite is a very strong symbol of the place’s history—a symbol of nostalgia, when simple joys, like flying a kite, could form the strongest bonds between people.

The visual composition encourages people to go towards and gather around it, achieving a sense of community and interaction. These panels hover from the ground because of stilt-like structural supports, and offers glimpses of the activities that happen inside. It becomes a very inclusive structure, one that encourages social interaction between friends, neighbors, and families. Pretty much how the Paliparan used to be.


Project Team : Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Associate Architect / Lead Project Architect – Ems Eliseo, Project Architect – Erick Aliño, Technical Innovations Architect – Ed Canda