MMDA Complex Competition

LOCATIONOrtigas CBD, Pasig City, Metro Manila
SIZE40,000 sq.m.

A Weaving of Ideals towards a Sustainable Urban Future.

To say that MMDA’s mission is not easy is an understatement. To be in charge of conceiving, regulating, supervising, implementing and enforcing policies, programs and projects for Metro Manila is not only difficult and challenging, but infinitely complex.

For this daunting mission to be achieved a long process of planning, communication, collaboration, and cooperation between countless municipalities and agencies (both public and private) has to be done; and the process of weaving comes to mind.

It’s prevalence in our culture ensures a clarity of origin, universal appeal, and legibility of a narrative and intent. But more importantly, the act of getting formerly disconnected elements to form a culturally expressive, efficient, structurally strong, resilient, and wholistically coherent fabric suggests how the agency can attain an organized and humane metropolis.

This idea of weaving – of coming together, of binding, intertwining, of working together – becomes the main strategy in all components of the building design; from spatial organization, zoning, massing, until its visual manifestation.


Project Team:

Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Lead Project Architect – Jerome Bautista; Project Architects – Camille Boncan, Nikko Bumanglag, Gerome Pacete, Deeno Singson, Kazia Pacia, Christian Perez