Isla Palma

LOCATIONJardin De Miramar, Antipolo
SIZE400 sq.m.

Isla Pama is an events venue, whose design attempts to replicate the pattern of the overlapping eaves around the site the roof covering, thru a series of leaf-like layers meant to usher in visitors from the point of drop-off to enter the expansive space within. These patterns terminate as  a jagged profile at the roof seams, mimicking the way coconut leaves point outwards towards the onlooker from its stem. Natural light is allowed to penetrate towards the interiors via skylights, achieving a filtered quality of light similar to when it is under a foliage.

The columnation of the structure also attempts to mimc the  the vertical rhythym that the coconut tree trunks created, as if coordinating a cadence between nature on earth and a higher being above. We replicated this as our structural supports, clustered in specific areas with each “trunk” tilting in different angles, as if suggesting the truth in nature that nothing in it is perfecly straight or rectilinear, yet everything is perfectly in its right place.


Project Team : Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Lead Project Architects – Jerome Bautista, Cholo Ramirez