LOCATIONEast Serendra, Fort Global City

A home for a Filipino based abroad with a sophosticated taste, we proposed a g(l)ocal space: a home that is both global and local, a design that combines global sensibilities with a vernacular language, with the hopes of deriving what it means when one says Contemporary Filipino.

We imagined  a sweeping, blanket-like surface for the ceiling, one that grows out from one wall of the living space and creeps up to the ceiling to encompass the entire condo, then crawls back down to the opposite wall of the bedroom, therefore homogenizing the space. It is designed with fins that run along two directions, intersecting and forming a diamond-like grid. Collectively, the threads formed a woven banig, or even a fish net, which represents our Filipino identity.


Project Team : Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Associate Architect / Lead Project Architect – Ems Eliseo,  Project Architect – Amiel Hamtig