Casa Uccello – Babao Residence

LOCATIONQuezon City, Metro Manila
SIZE850 sq.m.

When we visited the house of Julius and Christine Babao for the for the first time, we were surprised to find a rich collection of unique and unorthodox art and furniture occupying every possible surface of the house. However, their house was a simple white cube, and they approached us because they wanted the house to be different and avant-garde—just like their art.


We toyed around with the idea of creating a composition that can transition from old to new, from solid to transparent, from static to kinetic, from mundane to exciting moving. We achieved this thru the use of fractals.

A fractal is a form that is either exceedingly irregular, fractured, or fragmented from wherever you examine it. Through the combination of fractals at different scales, we achieved a gradual visual porosity that bridged the difference from the old structure to the new addition into a singular seamless gesture which we fondly call fractal confluences.  A solid composition is maintained, as the fractals are composed around the old house. But as they spread towards the new volume of the addition, they start to separate and open up, exposing a transparent surface underneath.


Project Team : Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Lead Project Architect – Cholo Ramirez; Project Architects – Carla Lim, Lyka Picones; Technical Innovations Architect – Larry Espino