Bahay Pinoy

SIZE30 square meteres

In a tropical environment, Filipinos are blessed with a wide variety of sustainable materials with bamboo being one of them. However, there has been a perception that the use of bamboo as the primary building material is an inferior alternative to expensive materials. The proposed design introduces bamboo as the principal building material but counters the previous perception by introducing a tectonic form that achieves a desirable dimension to the house. The interesting irregular and modern form is injected into the structural concept to achieve a tectonic form hopes to change the “cheap” connotation of bamboo.

Project Team: Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido, Project Architects – Nikki Boncan-Buensalido, Ems Eliseo, Ting Medrano, RJ Balmes, Nathan Fabe, Yani Dela Pasion, Ys Guy