Bahay Ni Nanay (Mother’s House)

SIZE2000 sq.m.

MYNP, or Make your Nanay(Mother) Proud, is a foundation started by Boy Abunda, a widely known talk show host in Philippine Media. “MYNP believes that a child’s love for his or her mother is one of the most powerful transformative forces in Filipino society. With this love, everything is Possible.” Furthermore – ” MYNP dedicates itself to building communities that celebrate and honor diversity, tolerance, love, courage, industry, patience, forgiveness, honesty, justice, positivism and possibilitism – one family at a time.   MYNP embraces the truth that everyone in this world is a child of his/her mother. MYNP believes in loving and serving our motherland like we love and serve our mothers.   It is a civic organization of loving Filipinos who love their mothers and who want to honor them by helping themselves, others, their communities and the country.”

Bahay Ni Nanay (Mother’s House) will be the future headquarters of the foundation, whose design aesthetic is inspired by the assuring embrace of mothers. It will also serve as a “Nanay Museum” and showcase of the ideals that the organization stands for.


Project Team : Principal Architect – Jason Buensalido; Project Architect – Arvin Gali