Kenji-Tei Greenbelt 5 at BluPrint May 2012

May 4, 2012

BluPrint Magazine, one of the firm’s favorite magazines, features Kenji-Tei Greenbelt 5 in their Interiors section. The shoot and interview were done simultaneously a few months ago with Asst. Editor Gaby Alegre, photographer Ed Simon (who took the spectacular twilight photo of our chapel project  in Batangas that made the cover of BluPrint as well), and Jim Caumeron. Ken Kho, our friend, maverick restaurateur and owner, was of course there as well.

We had to schedule it at 730 in the morning because everybody’s schedules wouldn’t meet and that was the only time everyone could be there at the same time. It actually worked well especially for the shoot because the reflections of the other store’s signages weren’t visible in our storefront shot, and the morning light penetrated the interiors beautifully.

Here’s how the feature looks like:

Some process diagrams and original renderings of the ramen house:

original renderings - showing dining space and function area

original rendering - dining area towards sushi bar

Thanks again BluPrint! Grab a copy now! Try the food too, especially their cheese gyoza, curry ramen, and the spicy negi ramen! Cheers!


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